15. September 2010

News from porcelinaZERO.de

Hello everyone,

I just want to say Hello and tell you what's new at porcelinaZERO.de.

Maybe some of you noticed already, there are some changes and new things at porcelinaZERO.de. 
You have the chance, to order something from the Shop without creating an account (maybe interesting for someone, who just want to order one time ;)). Second new thing is, you don't have to create an account, to get the newsletter (there is a new box on the right side at the site). I created also an "Like it" Button, so you can show all of your friends, that you like the items at porcelinaZERO.de
Oh, and you'll be always up to date, what's new at porcelinaZERO.de with the new RSS-Feed Button. Maybe you like one or two of the new features. ;)

There are also some new products at porcelinaZERO.de  and at the DaWanda Shop.

Maybe you like the new creations.

Have a nice day

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Yvi hat gesagt…

Sehr süß! Gefallen mir gut! :)