28. April 2010

AFI Concert last Sunday in Duisburg

Hello everyone,

last sunday I was at the AFI Concert in Duisburg at the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds.
I was standing in the front row, and it was no problem to be there. It was much harder some years ago (I think it's 4 years ago, that I was on the whole german tour including a radio gig).
Here are two pictures, the rest of the time I enjoyed the gig. But it was much to short, they played less that an hour. Most of the good songs I missed, they played an Ramones Cover that I didn't know, and an old song I don't like so much. They didn't play God called in sick today and Davey wasn't Crowd Surfing... I miss the good old times...
But it was very nice to meet some of the people, I didn't seen a long time. So it wasn't that bad. ;)

Until next time


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