20. Dezember 2009

New items will be added in the next days

Hello everyone,

yes, I know, I didn't add anything new in the last few weeks to my shop. Sorry for that, but I had a lot to do, to make all the orders ready for shipping so you'll have all your porcelinaZERO items for x-mas. ;)

But now, everything is ready and I had some time, to make some new stuff.

Here you can see the first pictures:

 Penguin Earstuds

 Little Pink Kitty Cat Earstuds


Coke Bottle Earrings

They will be added in the next few days to my DaWanda shop. More will follow.

I don't know, if I have time to post something in the next few days. I have to work all day at my normal job at a large department store (yes, x-mas is always busy). There is a x-mas concert from my boyfriends band and then all the family stuff...


I wish you all a happy and peaceful x-mas!

Until next time,


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BALKAN COUTURE hat gesagt…

ogott sind die Ohrringe süüß!

muss gleich mal auf der Seite vorbeischauen :D