25. Oktober 2009

Tutorial Time

Polymer Clay Necklace

You Will Need:
- Polymer Clay (I use Fimo) in pink, black and silver
- Cameo Mold
- Stamp
- Rhinestones (I use black and silver/white)
- knife
- oven
- eye pin
- black wooden beads

1. Make an oval disk out of black polymer clay. 

 2. Make the second one smaller with pink clay, put both on each other and firmly press together. 

 3. Produce a structure with a stamp (I used a stamp with a flower) on the pink clay. 

4. Cast a Cameo from silver clay with a mold, place it on the middle of the pink oval. (My mold is self made with this tutorial.)

5. Press the rhinestones (please test, if the last in the oven) in an oval around the cameo in the clay. 

6. Mix black, pink and silver clay together, cut it in pieces and flat it to beads. 

7. Bake it in the oven, follow instructions on package of clay. 

8. Put on an eye pin a black wood bead, a self made bead and again a wood bead, make an eyelet and connect all to a chain.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Until next time

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