17. Mai 2009

Tutorial Time

Yes, as I promised, here is a tutorial for you. How to make your own push molds You can use them to duplicate beads or make your own flat backs from your beads and pendants.
This is what you need:
- Polymer Clay
- Baby Powder
- Cutting Tool
- Modelling Clay
- Beads or Pendants
- Brush
1. Take a piece of your modelling clay which is big enough for your bead or pendant to make a mold out of it.
2. Flatten it and cover it with Baby Powder, so you can take your item later easier out of the clay.
3. Push your item carefully in the modelling clay.
4. Take your item carefully out of the modelling clay and let the clay dry.
5. Take a piece of polymer clay which fits in your mold and knead it so that is easy to use.
6. Use a little bit of the baby powder for the mold, so you can take the polymer clay easier out of it.
7. Push the polymer clay in the mold.
8. Take your polymer clay carefully out of the mold.
9. Cut the edges and make it a little bit even. Ready is it!!!
Hope you like the tutorial. Until next time Tanja

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