27. April 2009

Some exiting news!!!

Hello everyone, I know, long time no posting. Sorry!!! A lot of things happened in the last two weeks. First, a shop called Bunny Ranch Shop WHV in Wilhelmshaven will soon selling my creations. So when you'll come some day to Wilhelmshaven, please be sure to check it out. Pictures coming soon. Second, there is a new polymer clay company here in Germany called Pardo by Viva Decor. They held a contest and yes I made it in the Top 10. So I got a package with polymer clay, beads and a lot of other things. My Necklace will be featured on the website, on HSE24 TV and in the new book. As soon as I got more informations and pictures, I'll let you know. I'm so exited about that!!!
This is the Necklace:
Yesterday I got my nails done, not for the first time, but I think I can post from time to time some pictures. It's so cute what my Naildesigner Thomas did this time. Here you can take a look:
Yes, it's a berry lilac with leo print in a metalic lilac. So lovely!
I also made some new stuff for my shop. You can purchase them at my DaWanda Shop:
That's all for now. So, until next time Love- Tanja P.S.: I thought about it, to post my eye make up from time to time. Here is my lazy and minimum look:

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